My Final Formal Observation - Lesson Ideas

Okay, I’ve been planning my lesson and here’s what I’ve got. I will have about 45-60 mins of observation. The entire lesson will take longer than an hour, but admin will see enough to understand.

The lesson is for third grade, and we will be reading Diary of a Worm.

After reading the story and using Questioning the Author strategies throughout, students will work on a sequencing activity. At their group tables, they will be given an amount of sentence strips with the events of the stories written on them. They will need to put the strips in order. I don’t want to spend long on this, so I might make it a race amongst tables. I might scrap this part altogether.

Then, the students will begin working on their own unlikely diaries. We will discuss point of view, and review the parts of a letter. Students will have to create their own ten day diary from the point of view of an unlikely character. We will discuss how the author used facts about worms in her writing, so students will need to research facts about their creature of choice to put into their writing. I’m not sure if I will have pre-printed articles about various creatures OR if I can reserve the laptops for students to do research on. It will take extra planning for the pre-printed articles but will run smoother in class - however the laptops will give students more choices on the creature they want to research, though it will cause some “downtime” while handing out the laptops which my admin would probably comment on.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

I’m curious about your goals/objectives. If the sentence strips don’t fit your objective, I would definitely scrap it.

Edit - My Goals:To survive this lesson since it occurs in a TWO DAY week (Monday and Thursday are field trips, off on friday) and on tacky day. But - since my curriculum is done, I’m just reviewing things we’ve learned from the year. So, sequencing could fit in. The main focus is obviously point of view and parts of a letter for the journal aspect, with some science crossover with the research. I think I’ll have the sequence thing ready depending on how fast we get through reading the story.

Edit Edit: I’ve scrapped the sequencing, though I will have it available for early finishers. I need to create some templates (suggested by mrsjdr) for the diary for time’s sake. I’m scrapping the laptops and will have the information sheets available to students. I’ll need info on maybe 10 different creatures so students can pick. Does anyone know of kid friendly animal info sites that I could use?

  1. shiksa said: To tie in some grammar, you could talk about point of view pronouns. They could circle, underline,etc.. those pronouns in their writing.
  2. amiteachingyet said: Maybe the sequencing could be an extension for early finishers? Or you could set up the laptops while they are sequencing. Although I think printing them out will be one less stressor so you are not overwhelmed while you are being observed.
  3. msleahqueenhbic said: I’m curious about your goals/objectives. If the sentence strips don’t fit your objective, I would definitely scrap it.
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