At my school, kids wear uniforms. On fridays, they are allowed to dress down if they have had good behavior / been in dress code / turned in homework all week.

As usual, only about 8 of my kids could dress down on friday. For some reason, my two students (who are sisters) came in dressed down with a note from their mom saying they were allowed to dress down and to call her if I had any problems. Obviously, I had a huge problem with this. One girl was sent out of the classroom and had nothing but “red” and “yellow” days all week - even if you have ONE yellow day, you can’t dress down. This is nothing new. The other had two yellow days and turned in homework late. 

I called her and our conversation was ludicrous. She was battling with me against the homework issue. Her daughter turned in her homework late (only because I made her stay during recess to complete it) and her mom said because it was turned in, she shouldn’t be penalized because “IN THE LETTER YOU SENT HOME, IT ONLY SAYS ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE TURNED IN. IT DOESN’T SAY ON TIME.”

ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME? YOU’RE KIDDING ME. I’M ON PUNK’D RIGHT NOW. This mother is seriously justifying her daughter turning homework in late, saying it’s okay because in a stupid letter it just says TURNED IN and not ON TIME.

I wanted to scream. I told her it was implied, and she was right and I will be sure to send home a NEW letter with the CORRECT wording. Then I added, "Both of your daughters still had poor behavior this week and that in itself is a reason to not dress down, as stated in my letter." Her response? “NOW YOU’RE BRINGING UP AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ISSUE AND I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR IT BECAUSE I’M AT WORK. BYE.”

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