Any ideas on how to talk to kids about the severity of bullying?

On Friday, my school social worker came into my class for an hour long lesson like she does every 2 weeks. She knows the issues I have in my classroom and we had a discussion on bullying. It was extremely raw and to the point - she asked my kids what they thought a bully was. Then she asked if anyone in the class thought they were a bully… and I had about 6 kids raise their hands proudly. They gave their reasons why they were bullies, and they just acted like they were incredibly proud of it the entire time. I left the room for a minute because I thought I was about to start crying. The social worker went into this conversation about what bullying can lead to, and shared an incredibly personal story of her godson that committed suicide at age 15 from bullying, and gave countless other stories of other young children that took their lives. This had zero effect on my students.

File this under things I am at a complete loss for.

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